"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living."
-Anais Nin

25 July 2011

Make Money from Writing: Links to Freelance Writing and Fiction Markets

Ready to start earning money from your writing? Here are some great links.
  1. If you're into writing novels or non-fiction book-length pieces- You can sell your book (either through traditional publishing or self-publishing). This won't be covered here. I've written about what to expect in terms of Making a Living from Writing books here. Learn some fascinating facts and actual figures on how much you can make publishing books there.
  2. If you're into writing articles and other content- Become a freelance writer. See below for some great links
  3. If you love writing short fiction- Submit to fiction markets (magazines and literary journals). Market listings are given below.

Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated in any way to any of the sites shown below. Please exercise due caution when browsing these sites, particularly those requiring fees or promising pay for work. If in doubt, Google the questionable site and the keyword 'scam', or visit Preditors and Editors for links to warnings.

In general, the best place for market information would be resources such as WritersMarket.Com. However, these sites charge fees for access or subscriptions. I provide a number of links below that do not charge any fee yet provide a lot of information on markets for writers.

Freelance writing

Fiction markets

General listings (not genre-specific)
  • Duotrope Digest  My personal favourite. Provides excellent statistics on response times and acceptance rates; provides a submission tracker free of charge (you just need to register as user- also free of charge); has hundreds (thousands?) of market listings; great search engine allows you to search by submission mode (electronic vs. postal) and sort by response time. acceptance rate, and more
  • Fiction Factor Has links to various lists by genre
  • Absolute Write Flash Fiction Market Listing- Lists flash fiction markets; will also take you to Duotrope Digest and Ralan's Webstravaganza. I also write about flash fiction markets on my post here
  • NewPages.com Not very easy to navigate or browse, but lists notable literary magazines and journals with phone and email contacts
Fiction- Science Fiction / Fantasy

So go start writing and submitting your work. May you make some money doing what you love.


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