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14 January 2012

UnFair Coverup: The Grevillea Murder Mystery Series Book Three -- A Review

This is my third review for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012

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Fact #1: I seldom read crime and mystery novels. 

Fact #2: I avoid stories of crimes against children, particularly sexual crimes. 

Fact #3: I am SO GLAD I went beyond my comfort zone and read UnFair Coverup by Goldie Alexander

What it IS: 
A story narrated from multiple (I counted 7) perspectives written in third person, describing a mystery surrounding a shredded body found in a sleepy town outside Melbourne, Victoria.

This story reminds me so much of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple mysteries. I loved them and I may have read all of them when I was young. The small town gossips, the dark secrets of close neighbours, and the slowly simmering tension that builds up to the revelatory climax are all reminiscent of Miss Marple. Kudos to the modern Agatha Christie, Goldie Alexander!

What it is NOT:  
It is not a thriller, car-chase-filled page-turner in the likes of Dan Brown, with clues and mysteries that lead to an unexpected revelation. The pleasure of the read is in getting to know the charming characters and their quirks, and immersing oneself in their lives. 

Best Parts:
Olivia's mouth-watering recipes that are peppered throughout the story add spice to the mystery! I haven't tried any of them yet, but other reviewers attest that they work.

The multiple third-person close perspectives used in the story might be a bit exhausting for some readers.

This is the third of a series. While not having read the first two did not reduce the pleasure I had in reading this one, I caution other readers that this one has spoilers  for the first two books. I do think I'll still enjoy the first two even knowing the culprits, as these books are really entertaining even without the suspense of a typical whodunit. 

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  1. This sounds terrfic. I love crime and mystery but haven't heard of this title - another book I'll be adding to my list. Thanks!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. I'm here for the Pitch like a Rock Star Contest, but it doesn't look like you've posted for it yet. Maybe I'll come back later.

    1. Hi Teralyn! Sorry about that. Just got back from overseas where I had little chance to go on the internet. I drafted my post before leaving for my trip and scheduled it for publication on the 2nd of November, then realised the competition was postponed, so had to unpublish it. Just now got the chance to publish finally :-)

      Thanks for dropping by. I'll be commenting on the other pitches as well.