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-Anais Nin

15 January 2014

List of Publishers Accepting Unsolicited, Unagented Submissions from New Writers

Updated 06 October 2018

It's 2018, and that sounds like a great time to get published!

I've had to compile this list for my own benefit, and I thought I'd share the love. To all the writers out there itching to submit your work to publishers, feel free to browse through this list. I've chosen these publishers based on the apparent quality of their book lists and authors, which may or may not be to your taste. Please note: none of those listed are vanity publishers; some offer self-publishing as an option. A few of them publish digitally (eBooks) only (as indicated), while others publish both digitally and in print. A few (as indicated) publish only romance or stories in other genres with strong romantic elements. Although most of these publishers are Australian, I believe many or most of them accept submissions from non-Aussies as well.

I've checked these publishers out on Preditors and Editors and Absolute Write, but I do urge you to do your own investigations as to whether they are suitable for you. I also suggest you consult the Query Tracker database regularly.

Let me know if you want to recommend other publishers to add to this list.

Best of luck to all of us!
  1. TCK Publishing
  2. Affirm Press (Australian) 
  3. black inc (Australian)
  4. Carina Press  (Romance; Digital only; Harlequin imprint
  5. Diversion books (Digital only)
  6. Escape Publishing  (Australian; Romance; Digital only; Harlequin imprint)
  7. Fireborn Publishing (US, Romance)
  8. Jaffa Books  (Australian; Fantasy/Science Fiction/Furry Fiction; Digital only)
  9. Liquid Silver Books (Digital only)
  10. Momentum books (Australian; Digital only; Pan Macmillan Australia imprint)
  11. Odyssey Publishing (Australian)
  12. The Wild Rose Press (Romance
  13. WiDo Publishing 
  14. 48fourteen (Digital only)

MAJOR PRINT PUBLISHERS (Australian;  accepting unsolicited, unagented submissions)
  • Penguin Australia Monthly Catchsuccessful writers to be contacted within three months; no further correspondence; FULL manuscript and synopsis (max 300 words)
  • Pan Macmillan Australia Manuscript Monday: successful writers to be contacted within one month; no further correspondence;   FIRST CHAPTER   and synopsis (max 300 words)
  • Allen and Unwin Friday Pitch: successful writers to be contacted within a fortnight; no further correspondence; FIRST CHAPTER and one-page synopsis
  • Hachette Australia:  successful writers to be contacted within three weeks; no further correspondence;   FIRST CHAPTER  or FIRST 50 PAGES  and synopsis (max 300 words)
  • Random House Australia: successful writers to be contacted in three to nine months or longer; cover letter, synopsis, a few chapters. Submit as Hard Copy.
  • Harper Collins Australia Wednesday Post: successful writers to be contacted in three weeks; letter, synopsis, First 50 pages